It’s really gonna be okay— Everything’s gonna be just fine

I woke up this morning muttering something to myself. I could not ignore its demand for attention; its message was more important than I realized.

I work up this morning muttering something to myself. It faded along with the last wisps of sleep, or so I thought. 

But, the words soon found their way out of the fog, and I realized what I had said. 

It’s really gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be just fine.

Encouraging, sure, but I’m not in need or want of encouragement. 

Actually, things are going pretty darn fantastic if I do say so. Okay, I got sick, but I’m so much better now. I was tired and drained at work. So, I redesigned my career, and the new trajectory is wonderful. 

I wake up with a joyful heart each morning and fall into bed each evening, tired from a day well spent, eager for tomorrow. 

I just feel good. 

So, why did I wake up this morning reassuring myself everything was going to be fine?

It’s been shadowing me all day. 

Whenever I let my focus slip from what I’m working on, I hear the gentle thought roll softly in my mind again. 

It’s really gonna be okay—Everything’s gonna be just fine

When I get stuck on something, I grab a pen and a notebook and use the act of writing to think on paper. It helps me focus. 

The more I tried to get to the root of my encouraging words, the more tangled up I felt. But the need to give it life, to repeat it aloud and let it find its way to whoever needed to hear it was too compelling to ignore.

I remember John (Denver) often said he didn’t write his songs; he was merely a conduit. Today, I feel just such a conduit, as though I’m the pathway for this thought to find life. 

So, I’ll trust that if the universe is appointing me its emissary, I’ll also trust you’ll find this when you need it most. 

It’s really gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be just fine.

Things are feeling pretty crazy, huh? Feels like it’s out of control? Little bit? It’s okay. Just breathe. It’s only temporary. Nothing lasts forever.

You are loved

Do you know that? Really loved. 

Not the casual, “I love those shoes” kind of pronouncement. More of a, “my door is always open when all the other doors are slammed in your face,” kinda love. 

You are worthy

You don’t need to do anything to be worthy. 

You are enough

Just as you are. Right now. 

In this crazy moment that has you reeling. You are enough.

It’s really gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be just fine.

Look around you. 

Go on. I’ll wait. 

Do you see the leaves dancing on the trees? They can hear your song. See the clouds, plump and floaty, high above you? Let them carry your burdens and sorrows as they disappear beyond the horizon.

Sometimes you have to stop and look around to really see things. 

There is wonder everywhere if you look for it.

You make a difference

You are the reason so many people smile. You’re a blessing in this world. 

Remember those little moments when you told a silly joke, and the guy behind the convenience store counter cracked up while you were buying cigarettes? Or the time you stopped and held the door open for that lady. She was moving slowly, and you had someplace else to be. But you made eye contact and smiled, silently letting her know she could take her time. That you’d wait for her and help her to the taxi stand around the corner. 

It’s not about what you could have done differently because we can’t go back. 

Oh, sure, we can revisit yesterday, but we’re doing it from our now. We can’t alter anything. So, you might as well leave it behind and look ahead to the best version of yourself. We move forward every day. We can’t help it. 

The discomfort you feel is because you’re out of sync with who you really are. 

You are blessed, worthy, and loved. And if you think you’re anything else, that disconnect feels awful. 

We all feel it now and then. It’s okay. It happens. It’s just important not to get stuck there.

Take some time and do what you enjoy. Go to your favorite restaurant. Walk through old neighborhoods. Talk to friends. Watch movies you’ve seen so often you know the words.

Look for the good in other people, including yourself. 

You are good. 

It’s really gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be just fine.

I can’t articulate why I know this, but I do. It’s visceral. 

We are in this body one time only. But, the deeper part of us, our soul, atman, mana, whatever word you like, continues—eternally moving forward. 

This life is temporary. I bet what you’re feeling right now sure doesn’t feel temporary, but it is. 

It’s okay to be happy

It’s okay to let go and embrace feeling good—even if others might think you’re crazy for doing that. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you. It doesn’t matter what I think of you. 

It’s really gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be just fine.

Just breathe

Take another deep breath and exhale slowly. 

Listen to your breath as you do. That is life. 

Everything else is everything else. Keep only what you want; let the rest go. Be you. Be the brilliant, bright-shining light that you are. 

Originally published August 29, 2022

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