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Ana Chevalier • Author • Playwright • Award-winning • Best-selling • ❤️ Coffee, Curries, Zombies • Ex-journalist • Search Engine Optimized Human

Meet Ana Chevalier, Writer

Ana Chevalier Writer

F. A. “Ana” Chevalier, MBA, is a Canadian-born Eurasian author, playwright, and ghostwriter.

Ana has performed on stage in more than 100 different plays, including The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Annie, The Mikado, Grease, The Rocky Horror Show, A Chorus Line, Barefoot In The Park, and Les Miserables. She has played everyone from Little Orphan Annie to Marilyn Monroe. When she wasn’t in a theatre, she was still on stage singing in venues across the country and internationally. Ana walked away from a successful entertainment career after surgery on her vocal cords to remove polyps left her unable to speak and sing. 

As Ana slowly regained her speaking ability, she focused more on writing, building a thriving career as an award-winning, best-selling writer, ghostwriter, business and marketing consultant. She has been the official voice for Fortune 500, Fortune 100 technology companies and global leaders and has written for countless international publications on behalf of her executive clients.

ana chevalier: achievements & awards

Ana holds a Master’s in Business Administration (East Asia). She has completed professional development studies in government, marketing, engineering, and communications (Harvard, Boston University, MIT).

Ana’s creative work has won awards, including the Los Angeles Independent Plays: New Work Award for Blue Plate Special. Her novel Pundit was the Reviewer’s Choice winner for the South West Readers Association and the Best Weekend Read by Kawaga, Tokyo, Japan. Her short works Low Tide and English Garden both earned Pushcart nominations. Several of her books are available on Amazon.

Ana Chevalier: Writer By Trade (& Inclination)

Ana is currently working on her second novel (under her own name). The Buddha of Mong Kok delves into the entanglements of success, wealth, societal norms, poverty, and questions how much do we really need?

THE BUDDHA OF MONG KOK, by Ana Chevalier

When Yuanjun drops the shopping bag containing his belongings on his bed, he smiles. The crudely subdivided flat measures 50 square feet, and he imagines how he might decorate the pockmarked, water-stained walls. He can see a towering condo building housing Hong Kong’s elite through the small, fractured pane of the flat’s only window. I am glad I do not have their burden

Ana honed her skills and passion for excellence in publishing, working with Canadian publishing moguls Conrad and Barbara Amiel Black at Hollinger, Inc. in downtown Toronto for several years. Until recently, Ana was focused on ghostwriting, authoring thought leadership, essays, articles, and Op-Eds appearing in publications such as Forbes, VICE, New York Times, The Guardian, and many others–in addition to books, workshops, and technical manuals.

Equally at home interviewing local community members as well as celebrities and industry leaders, Ana has enjoyed creating a diverse international portfolio while working with some of the most prominent business, entertainment, political, and technology names.

She has taught writing and story, character, and monster creation workshops, in addition to talks, workshops, and seminars on meditation and dharma, in Canada and the US. 

A Canadian-born Eurasian, Ana has been blessed to call a number of incredible locales “home,” including Atlanta, Costa Mesa, Malibu, Tallahassee, Nashville, Worcester, Cheyenne, St. Louis, Toronto, Saskatoon, and Windsor. She currently resides just outside Fort Kent, in breathtakingly beautiful northern Maine, with her husband, their three dogs, and a very grumpy (but very much adored) little-old-lady Siamese cat.

Ana is a huge fan of sumo, vintage cookbooks, and marine birds. In her spare time, you’ll find Ana cooking, absorbed in the latest basho action, or taking pictures of feathered flyers.


  • Ana holds a black belt (1st degree) in Wing Chung Kung Fu and a 2nd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • Ana has been presented to HRH Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh; she waltzed with The Prince Andrew and met The Queen Mother by accident while staying at the same hotel.
  • .…and once upon a time, in the late afternoon light of a dinner theater prepping for the night ahead, she danced with Dean Martin (as he sang Inamorata just loud enough for her to hear).

The price of “Freed◉m”

When your first name is Freed◉m, life is interesting. When your first name becomes politicized, it’s an entirely different kind of overwhelming. Almost overnight, the word, Freed◉m–and subsequently my name–became a battle cry from both extremes of the political junket, worldwide. I was surprised to find myself the target of incredible online harassment that spilled over onto client works–not because of something I had/ hadn’t said or done. But because of the word that is my name.

I initially planned to weather the storm by simply keeping my name off online works, but after three years it became evident the shift was permanent.

So, while, Freed◉m remains my legal first name, I can no longer use it. I have been offered jobs and released from jobs explicitly because of the association attributed to the word, Freed◉m, and its new found fame.

I had a choice to make: embrace the political landscape and fight, daily, to keep my name–and my work–removed from unwanted associations, or avoid wading into troubled political waters altogether. I chose the latter, preferring instead to let my words speak for themselves.

Older works still have my “old” first name. For them, the damage has already been done.