Ana Chevalier writes gritty fiction that does not go gentle into that good night.

Pat Conroy, Author
The Prince of Tides, The Great Santini

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Ana Chevalier: Millions of Readers

Ana’s writing has appeared in global publications including The Independent Observer Magazine (US), The Independent (UK), The Telegraph (UK), The Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Toronto Star, The Baltimore Sun, The Jerusalem Post, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Forbes, YahooNews, and many more.

Over the course of two decades as one of the most read-read expert business ghostwriters in the technology sector, Ana’s work earned numerous awards and recognitions for her clients, including multiple third-party paper citations, countless viral articles, and millions of dollars in fundraising promotions.


Today, Ana Chevalier focuses solely on fiction and other creative writing projects. She stepped away from journalism and business writing in late 2021.

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Ana Chevalier: Award-Winning Fiction & Plays

Award-winning Fiction: In Ana’s most recent fiction, The Price of a Cup of Coffee, Arthur Lane struggles to find his footing following a career-ending scandal. Inspired by actual events, this Pushcart-nominated, Best New Short Fiction shortlisted mini-book delves into the entanglements of fame, scandal, identity, and the currency of celebrity.


Set in the dark world of Canada’s stand-up comedy, Pundit, Ana’s first full-length novel (under her own name) earned critics (and comedian) praise for its “gritty authenticity” and “no-holds-barred” storytelling and was shortlisted for the Best New Fiction. Her short works appear in numerous publications and anthologies including Best of Fiction on the Web (Belfast Girl), and The Salmagundi (English Garden).


Award-winning Plays: Her award-winning drama Blue Plate Special, set in Boston’s south end, premièred in Toronto, Ontario, in 2017. Her other plays include Dollars and Sense, Peach Pit, Merry-Go-Round, A Taste of Brandy, Inertia, and H for Gardenia.

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Ana Chevalier: On Stage

Ana Chevalier grew up performing on stage as both a child-actor and as a singer & songwriter. Ana not only understands how to keep an audience’s attention, but she also brings that comprehensive knowledge and insight into the unique demands and requirements of the entertainment industry to her projects.

Ana is a classically trained vocalist (coloratura soprano, Royal Conservatory) and has appeared in more than 100 musicals, plays, and live music shows in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. She has worked with Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar, and Tony award winners (EGOT!) in addition to Grand Old Opry members on a variety of projects (on and off-stage).

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