Ana Chevalier has authored thousands of articles, blog posts, and books (both bylined and ghostwritten) that have been read by millions of readers. Check out Ana’s online portfolio for even more pieces.


In my past life as an (award-winning, best-selling) ghost/ writer and journalist, I wrote a lot. I’ve written thousands of articles, blog posts, e-books, and web content over the past twenty years. Here are a few favorites:

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This ghostwritten blog for My Perfect Mortgage on DSCR loans in Colorado was #2 on Google the day after it was published. — And today, remains on the first page of search engine results for targeted keywords!

Another top performer for My Perfect Mortgage. This time, the comprehensive guide to the top 15 states for Military Retirees — which STILL ranks on the first page of search engine results for targeted keywords.

Another first page SERP! This time, providing loan officers with real world, actionable advice on how to generate mortgage leads with email drip campaigns.

This ghostwritten, comprehensive guide to traveling around Tokyo from a few years ago has helped thousands of visitors to the bustling metropolis—and continues to attract new readers to this day.

I wrote about the far reaching grasp of suicide for the The Toronto Star in an opinion piece that was picked up internationally.

I wrote about finding the joy in life after the death of my brother to AIDS, for The Baltimore Sun and heard from readers across the country about how the piece resonated with them.

I wrote about my multi-ethnic lived experiences for The Independent—Voices in a piece that continues to receive international attention.

(Under byline F.A. Chevalier)

In June 2021, following an almost five year investigation, I wrote the only comprehensive investigate report on actor Kevin Spacey and the allegations brought against him by Star Trek alum Anthony Rapp, and others.

This “judicious,” “balanced,” and “brave piece of journalism” asked the questions no one else asked, delved into the Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations and subsequent erasure from contemporary culture was published by The Independent Observer/ Popping Culture Magazine.

To date, my article “Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations: What You Don’t Know,” has been read almost 2 Million times and continues to attract new readers daily.

I chatted with award-winning actress Holland Taylor for an interview, the Two and a Half Men star, called “one of the best” interviews she’s done in her illustrious career.

(Under byline F.A. Chevalier)