Kevin Spacey-Anthony Rapp Civil Trial: The Verdict

It took the jury an hour and twenty minutes to render their verdict. 

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The first question they were tasked with evaluating asked:

Did Mr. Rapp prove, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Mr. Fowler touched a sexual or intimate part or parts of Mr. Rapp.

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It was a simple Yes/No choice

___YES or ___NO

The lone checkmark on the jury verdict form sits beside the “No.”

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And with that, five years of accusations and allegations—including two years of litigation— made by Mr. Rapp were dismissed.


9 thoughts on “Kevin Spacey-Anthony Rapp Civil Trial: The Verdict

  1. Justice served, I’m happy for Spacey and for all the people who believe in his innocence and still believe in due process. Our justice system matters. Thank you.

  2. If only it would be that easy for Kevin to get his life and career back to September 2017 before these lies were published. It would be interesting to know what all his former co-stars that turned their backs on Kevin have to say about the decision and why they were so spineless and selfish the last 5 years.

  3. Thank God this is over and I am so relieved. Thank you to a jury with some common sense and did not see rat rapp as a victim. Good luck to Kevin Spacey, but a person was still destroyed. SMH and Ana please keep reporting.

  4. No more to say. The case was shrinking. Five years of suffering,insults etc. The emotion of Kevin Spacey hurts. I hope he will take some rest now.
    Your work on this case helped us all much. Thank you very much .

  5. Wonderful news! I hope that you will continue to follow Kevin as he gets ready for his criminal trial in the UK in June.

  6. I doubt that actor Kevin Spacey’s accuser, who was a 14-year-old boy at the time of the alleged sexual assault, was even taken seriously. It seems such unfortunate males rarely are.

    Even today, male victims of sexual harassment, abuse and/or assault are still more hesitant or unlikely than female victims to report their offenders. Males refuse to open up nor ask for help due to their fear of being perceived by peers, etcetera, as weak or non-masculine.

    When I was growing up during the 1970s and ’80s, male sex-crime plaintiffs would have been considered very un-masculine and really not what a ‘real man’ would be claiming. It’s as though boys are somehow perceived as basically being little men, and men of course can take care of themselves.

    It could be the same mindset that might help explain why the book Childhood Disrupted only included one male among its six interviewed adult subjects, there presumably being such a small pool of ACE-traumatized men willing to formally tell his own story of childhood abuse.

    It might be yet more evidence of a continuing subtle societal take-it-like-a-man mentality, one in which so many men will choose to abstain from ‘complaining’ about their torturous youth, as that is what ‘real men’ do.

  7. I understand your point if view. But in this case, several evidences proved it was a lie. It is to find in the analysis,both of the evidences and testimonies from the defense, but also in Rapp’s inconsistencies and informations given by his own writings and interviews. Too easy to say: he won’t be believed because he is a man.
    And what about the damages fir Kevin Spacey ?

    1. Yes. What about damages to Kevin Spacey’s career due to Rapp’s lies? Kevin should sue Rapp, Very, and Buzzfeed for libel and slander! But perhaps it would be wise to wait until the criminal trial is over.

  8. I watched your video with Popping Culture and I agree that you need a break, but please consider covering Kevin’s criminal trial in the UK next June! I would think that this verdict needs to be entered into evidence for his defense!

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