Violeta, Isabel Allende

Book Review: Violeta

Violeta is the latest work from Chilean writer Isabel Allende.  Violeta is a South American epic that buffets readers through a tumultuous lesson in South American history—economic collapse, dictatorship, hurricane, earthquake, and more. It’s historical fiction that doesn’t read like historical fiction. Instead, it reads like a memoir—profoundly personal and intimate at times. (Allende left Chile … Continue reading Book Review: Violeta

convenience store woman

Book Review: Convenience Store Woman

If you’re asking yourself why this book review begins with information about konbinis, stick with me for minute. If you’ve never been to Japan, you might be surprised to know how popular convenience stores, “konbinis,” actually are. There are more than 56,000 in Japan ( as of 2020).  Konbini’s are in almost every neighborhood and … Continue reading Book Review: Convenience Store Woman

It's New Year's Eve. Would you do it all again if this year were restarting instead of starting new? Would I?

New Year’s Eve 2021—Would I Do It All Again?

It’s New Year’s Eve. A year ago today, I took action on something I’d been working on in the wings for several months—finally took action, if I’m being honest.  I’d labored over the idea of stepping into a storm I could easily have avoided for the remainder of my life. Some have argued that my … Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2021—Would I Do It All Again?

Have a Cup of Coffee on me!

It’s my birthday, Sunday, and I’m giving away copies of my new short fiction piece, “The Price of a Cup of Coffee.”

There’s no hidden grab; I don’t want your email address. You don’t need to sign up for anything.

It really is free and clear.

How To Enjoy Onsen Hot Spring

Nothing compares to slipping into the hot, bubbling waters of a Japanese onsen hot spring. The day’s worries and stresses dissolve as the hot waters churn and swirl around you. So if you want to visit an onsen but are worried about proper etiquette–that can often seem daunting, if not utterly perplexing, to most non-Japanese … Continue reading How To Enjoy Onsen Hot Spring

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